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Premature Ejectulation

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Premature Ejectulation

Premature ejectulation is a male condition that most men may have suffered from at least once in their lifetime. It is a common male sexual problem that can have negative effects on both partners. A man suffering this condition experiences difficulty in controlling ejaculation or he is incapable of delaying orgasm. Occurrence of orgasm is too advanced to a point that both partners may feel unsatisfied, frustrated and regretful. In some cases, men who have this condition may ejectulae during foreplay or upon penetration.

The specific cause of premature ejectulation is still unknown. Some think that 5 to 10 minutes is not enough before orgasm occurs. There are also physiological factors that can affect males, but it is difficult to point out a standard cause for this condition because of variable occurrence and factors per individual.

** Below are some of the likely causes of ejaculation problems:

- Anxiety during the first sexual experience may have developed into a long-term anxiety toward sex which in turn can cause prolonged occurrence of premature ejectulation

- Unpleasant sexual experience during the man's childhood [child abuse, incest, etc.]

- Lengthy period of abstinence from sex

- Difficulty in controlling ejaculation [specifically with younger males]

- Immediate ejaculation which is specific of younger males compared to older males

- Anxiety and depression brought about poor sexual performance

- Anticipation of various things such as: rejection of one's partner, failure to satisfy, physical pain [which can lead to anxiety and restlessness]

- Cultural and religious norms

- Financial, relationship, career and family problems

- Stress [at home, at the workplace, etc.]

- Side-effects from prescription medicines

- Physiological factors such as: swelling of prostate gland, spinal chord problems, nerve injuries and other related health conditions

** Some recommended methods to alleviate this condition:

- Psychoanalysis can help identify the causes and may provide solution in order for a man to maintain a healthy and positive attitude towards sex

- Stop blaming yourself because any guy is likely to experience ejaculation problems

- Keeping a healthy lifestyle and eating habits can help you maintain a healthy body and mind which in turn can help you control ejaculation problems physically and mentally

- Reduce stress by using meditative and breathing techniques

- Sex is an on-going learning process, so indulge on the many resources that you can find online and offline

- Use the squeeze technique which is a form of behavioral therapy to help you prevent premature ejectulation. It involves the act of squeezing [applying gentle pressure using thumb and fingers] the part of the penis where the head and shaft meet once you feel you are about to ejaculate. You can do this while masturbating as a form of practice and during penetration if premature ejaculation is likely to occur. You can do it by yourself or you can ask your partner to squeeze that area for you.

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