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Premature Ejeculation

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Premature Ejeculation

What is premature ejeculation?

According to medical practitioners it is the state where a male reach orgasm prematurely or in advance before he even wants to ejeculate. On an average, it takes 5 to 10 minutes for a man ejeculate after arousal.

On a normal state, the couple usually reaches orgasm in unison and sometimes even if the woman comes first, the man can still satisfy her and help orgasm again when he comes. However, when there's premature ejeculation, negative feelings particularly from the guy occur because it is truly frustrating for him. Even though his partner won't tell him and assure him that it's going to be okay, he might feel that one day she will become frustrated too.

Some people may say that this condition is nothing and a guy should not be worried because premature ejeculation has become common. But if are a healthy guy who had your first occurrence of this condition, you need to look at the underlying causes as early as possible. Some say it's because of age, others claim it is a temporary condition particularly if the guy has a new partner, and others would say that it is because the guy is inexperienced.

There is this condition called involuntary ejeculation and it is a temporary type. However, if you have encountered this temporary condition, you need to remember that it can continue and may recur. If you just let it happen, premature ejeculation can become a serious problem in the long run.

If you are to look into the root cause of your own condition, you might find that anxiety and stress play significant roles in ejeculation problems. One good advice from some men who have overcome this condition is to relax. Calm yourself each time you are with your partner and if you are about to go to bed. It is best to condition yourself to relax so that your excitement won't get in the way of your plan of having a blissful night with your lover.

** Here are some other factors that contribute to this condition:

- Early-age or teenage masturbation

The tender years of males are the most adventurous ones. Learning the act of masturbating is one issue that can cause ejaculation problems in adulthood. The need to ejaculate immediately could be the culprit since the need to do it immediately had registered in the brain.

- Physical disorders

Nerve injury, neurological disorders, extreme sensitivity of penis and multiple sclerosis can have serious effects on the performance of the male penis. These conditions can hinder not only on the man's sex life but in life in general.

- Anxiety brought about by the fear of impregnating a female

This can start during teenage years when males are still young and too conscious of their sexuality. The fear of impregnating a girl during the early years can play a significant role in your ejeculation problem if you haven't dealt with this yet.

The need to control your ejeculation should be done physically and mentally since sex is not just a physical concern. You need to overcome all your fears, stress and negative thoughts in order to find the right remedy for your condition.

If you need more information regarding the root causes and the solutions for premature ejeculation check out Ejaculation Trainer. This e-book uses a scientific approach in dealing with this condition and a number of well-laid methods are put into place so you can practice and master them.

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